Climbing guides

Miguel Monteza

Miguel started climbing in 1995, with the Carioca Climbing Club (Clube Excursionista Carioca - CEC).

In 2006 he became a club's climbing guide, and in 2007 a certified Instructor by the Rio de Janeiro Professional Climbing Guides Assossiation (AGUIPERJ).

He was the Technical Director of CEC twice and always taught theoretical and practical classes in basic annual courses.

Miguel has been a first ascender since the begining, and has set some dozens of multi-pitch routes. One of the most famous is "Infinita Highway", over 700 meters of friction, on the Escalavrado, near Teresópolis.

He has experience leading long routes at the mountain ranges and feels confortable climbing chimineys and slabs.  In 2015 he attended the 'First-Aid
in remote areas' course of the Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA).

Miguel speaks English and Spanish.

Marcos Dias

Mountaineer since 2006, Marcos started climbing in 2009. He is currently the Vice Technical Director of CEC, organizing and teaching classes in the club's courses.

He enjoys all styles of climbing, but feels really at ease in the Sierra, which requires more logistics planning and efficiency of climbers.

He started first ascending (setting routes) with some companions of CEC, and, since then, has been creating some new routes in Rio and Espírito Santo states.

Marcos considers paramount constant recycling in the first-aid procedure in remote areas, which motivated him to certify by the W.M.A.